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Optical Boutique Laguna Hills

Optical Boutique Laguna Hills

Our goal is to improve your vision and have you looking your best.

Whether you are looking for new prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, Atlantis Eyecare takes pride in providing high quality eyewear for patients of all ages. We understand that style and function are an essential element for any successful eyewear. Our opticians are therefore tremendously experienced in style and fashion. They stay on the cutting edge of new technology understanding the countless lens options available.

In today's complex world, it has become increasingly difficult for one pair of eyeglasses to accomplish sight for various hobbies and activities. It has, therefore, become common for our patients to need their general purpose eyeglasses and an additional pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses. We have a wide selection of customizable eyewear tailored to your needs such as progressives, computer glasses, sunglasses, fashion eyewear and many more. We also order and distribute colored contact lenses, medically necessary contact lenses and everyday wear contact lenses.

Atlantis Eyecare offers a selection of premium designer frame styles from today's most popular manufacturers. Our current featured collections includes:

  • Tom Ford
  • Ray Ban
  • Guess by Marciano
  • Columbia
  • LongChamp
  • Coach
  • Michal Kors
  • Bebe
  • Anne Klein
  • Draper James
  • Nike
  • Nautica
  • Harley Davidson

Top Cataract Surgeons

For patients seeking effective eye care and eye surgery in Laguna Hills, the Atlantis Eyecare office offers a full array of routine eye care and comprehensive surgical procedures. Our conveniently-located office is just off the 5 Freeway, giving Laguna Hills residents easy access to our full suite of eye care services, including:

Cataract surgery

If you feel like your eyes have been getting cloudier and consistently more difficult to see, it may be time for you to get evaluated for cataracts by one of our expert Laguna Hills optometrists. It is vital to your eye & vision health to come in for regular eye exams to stay on top of vision disorders, such as cataracts. Learn more about cataracts & cataract surgery at Atlantis Eyecare.


Restore your sight to perfect 20/20 vision with our painless and quick LASIK treatment. Our ophthalmologists are some of the most experienced in the industry and deliver some of the best LASIK surgeries Laguna Hills has to offer. Schedule a LASIK consultation today to see if this is a good option for your vision.

General eye care

There is no better way to take care of your eyes than to come in for routine eye exams and to practice good preventative care - whether its developing good contact lens cleaning habits or dimming the computer screen, our optometrists are here to help you maintain & improve your vision health.

Cosmetic eye services

Brighten your eyes with cosmetic eye procedures like blepharoplasty. Our Laguna Hills ophthalmologists can help you achieve your cosmetic goals as well as maintain excellent eye & vision health. Speak to your Laguna Hills eye doctor at Atlantis Eyecare if an eyelid lift is suitable for you.

Retina care

Atlantis Eyecare in Laguna Hills is home to one of the top retina specialists. Learn more about retina care and schedule your regular eye exam with us today.

Pediatric care

Atlants Eyecare Laguna Hills can even help take care of your littles one's eyes. We'll guide you through helping your child form healthy habits when it comes to contact or glasses care, nutrition to help facilitate eye/vision health & development and more. We're a kid-friendly Laguna Hills optometry!

Routine eye exams and eyeglasses

The best thing you can do for your eyes is to schedule routine eye exams in Laguna Hills and develop healthy habits for maintaining your contacts & glasses. Come in to our conveniently located Laguna Hills location for regular eye check ups. If Laguna Hills is a bit too far for you, we have several locations to serve our Orange County & South Bay community. Browse our several optometry locations.

Glaucoma treatment

Our Laguna Hills eye doctors are ready to treat your glaucoma. Improve your vision or prevent the development of eye diseases like glaucoma with the right eye care. Schedule an appointment for glaucoma treatment in Laguna Hills today.

Our office is staffed by some of the finest in the optometry industry. Each has an impressive resume of experience and a long history of successful procedures in cataract surgery, LASIK and other areas. Whether you are a patient seeking cataract surgery or are simply seeking an optometrist in Laguna Hills for vision correction, our office is sure to meet your needs.

Optometrist Laguna Hills

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